$5 Red Lobster Coupons – Valid Till May 2012

The previous Red Lobster coupon expired on 6th March 2012 and we have been getting emails and comments on when the next Red Lobster coupon will be posted. Here is a happy news for those people, the next set of Red Lobster coupon is here and is valid till May 1,2012. Make sure to sign up at Fresh catch club as Red Lobster restaurant would send personalized coupon to your email when you sign up. Make sure to show your id card when using these coupons at the restaurant. The coupon set contains $5 off on any two adult dinner entree and a $4 off on any two adult lunch entree coupons. You can use these coupons to get discount on lobsterfest entrees. Make sure to like/tweet/+1 to get the coupons. You can print them directly.
$5 Red Lobster coupon 2012[/LOCK THE FOLLOWING PART]

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53 Responses to $5 Red Lobster Coupons – Valid Till May 2012

  1. lila says:


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  3. Jay says:

    I tweeted this twice and no coupon. What am I doing wrong?

  4. Jay says:

    Another thing: I can only tweet. How can I like?

  5. jackson says:

    @Jay I will send the coupon to the email id you have used in the comment… hope it’s fine if not send your email id via the contact form.

  6. jackson says:

    @Jay If you have a facebook account you can like it… Many people use fb and get the coupon!!

  7. Tiffany says:

    I am also having trouble seeing the coupon. As for Facebook, no one has yet been able to access that one as far as I know. If possible you could you email me the coupon as well? Thanks.

  8. jackson says:

    @Tiffany Will be emailing you the coupon.

  9. Brett says:

    I’m not having any luck with getting this coupon to come up. Help…

  10. jackson says:

    @Brett…. May I know your email ID so that I can email you the coupon… cheers :)

  11. CathO says:

    We are 3 couples holidaying in North Myrtle Beach & would like to celebrate on our
    last night here (Fri) with dinner at Red Lobster. Without a printer here, how can we
    obtain the coupons you advertise?

  12. jackson says:

    @CathO… You have to print to get the discount…We are really sorry… Without printing the coupon you wont get the $5 Off!!

  13. Linda Smith says:

    i cannot find where to print the red lobster $5 coupon. please help thank you

  14. jackson says:

    @Linda Coupon Sent to your email

  15. Craig says:

    How can I print please help

  16. jackson says:

    @Craig…Coupon Sent to your email

  17. Kathryn Brunson says:

    Please send me coupons to my e-mail address

  18. Kathryn Brunson says:

    Please send my coupons to my e-mail address: Brunsonk@dcsc.gov

  19. jackson says:

    @Kathryn…Coupon Sent

  20. Alex says:

    any chance i can receive a coupon, please. Have never visited a Red Lobster and would like to try the Lobster Fest.

  21. Terri says:

    Could you email me the coupon as well? I could not access the printable version after I clicked +1. Thanks!

  22. jackson says:

    @Alex… Coupon Emailed!!

  23. jackson says:

    @Terri… Coupon sent to your email already!!

  24. Rodney says:

    Red lobster is awesome….took my ex-girlfriend there in January for her birthday. Great service…great food. Would love to get a coupon for the Lobster Feast

  25. jackson says:

    @Rodney Coupon Emailed enjoy :)

  26. Stephanie says:

    Please send this coupon to my email. Thanks! :D

  27. Mary Laska says:

    Same problem as everyone else. Liked it on Facebook, couldn’t print the coupon. Please send. Thanks.

  28. jackson says:

    @Mary Coupon Emailed…Enjoy!!

  29. jackson says:

    @Stephaine… Coupon sent to your email!!

  30. dawn smith says:

    I can not print off red lobster coupons

  31. jackson says:

    @smith… Coupon Emailed!!

  32. Brian says:

    Hey Jackson. Would please email the coupon also?
    Thanks, Brian

  33. jackson says:

    @Brian Coupon Emailed

  34. Christina Parker says:

    I +1 and got nothing. Please help.

  35. jackson says:

    @Christina…Coupon Emailed :)

  36. barb says:

    Please send me a coupon. I want to go out tonight and can’t get it to print either. thanks in advance. 4/21/12 A special friend’s birthday is today.

  37. jackson says:

    @barb…Coupon Emailed :)

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  39. Christina says:

    Does this coupon work in Canada? If so, would you kindly email? Thanks!

  40. jackson says:

    @Christina Coupon sent to your email :)

  41. dawn says:

    Could you please email me the new coupon? My family of 6 is going to Red Lobster in Iowa City this evening. We are leaving for there in 30 minutes so I’d like to print the coupon before we leave, it’s a 2 hour drive. Thanks.

  42. Karenm says:

    I +1′d and could not get the link to work. Is there any way I could get a coupon to take my husband out tonight?

  43. jackson says:

    @dawn Coupon sent to your email :)

  44. jackson says:

    @karenm… Coupon Emailed :)

  45. DK says:

    I’m having trouble getting the coupon too. Can you email it to me?

  46. Nora Marquez says:

    I tried and tried…could not get coupon :( I just love RL and am craving it for tonight! Any advice how I can get it printed out today?

  47. Nora Marquez says:

    I tried and tried but to no avail! Could you email me coupon, Jackson? I’m craving RL tonight!! :) ) :p

  48. jackson says:

    @Nora… Coupon Emailed.. Have a great time with your family :)

  49. jackson says:

    @Nora.. Check your email :)

  50. jackson says:

    @DK… The process is very simple.. You just have to like/tweet/+1 the picture to reveal the coupon… I have emailed you the coupon.. Have a great weekend :)

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  52. Kemmler says:

    Can’t find the coupon to print even after like on facebook

  53. russ vagt says:

    please email me the $5 off coupon thanks

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