Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster $15.99 Only

This is one of my most favorite offers at Red Lobster.Yes I am talking about the Endless Shrimp Choices at Red Lobster for a unbelievable price of $15.99 only.This is not a Red Lobster Coupon but still can be considered as a money saver,as you get different choices of unlimited Shrimp at $15.99.You can get unlimited shrimp from classic to new recipes like Sweet and Spicy at this price.
Update:- Endless Shrimp offer is available till November 14 2011.

Different types of Shrimp at Red Lobster

Garlic Shrimp Scampi, Shrimp Linguini Alfredo,Hand-Breaded Shrimp,Sweet and Spicy
Shrimp, and Parmesan Shrimp are the different types of shrimp entrees at Red Lobster and all these are available as a part of the Endless Shrimp offer.Please note that the cost is $19.99 at Time Square and Hawaii Red Lobster Restaurant.The cost is $15.99 at other Red Lobster Restaurants.Click here to know about the nearest Red Lobster Restaurant.

Check out this promo video to know about Endless Shrimp offer :-

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17 Responses to Endless Shrimp at Red Lobster $15.99 Only

  1. debra dean says:

    when does the 2011 all you can eat shrimp offer end?

  2. jackson says:

    @debra… The offer is available for quite sometime now,We have contacted Red Lobster Restaurant regarding the end date of Endless Shrimp Offer..We will post the details once we get a response from them… Till then enjoy the great offer :)

  3. Teresa says:

    The Endless shrimp for 2011 goes on through Nov. 14.

  4. jackson says:

    Thanks for the update Teresa..I added it to the post :)

  5. todd green says:

    Send my coupon and codes

  6. jackson says:

    Check out the latest post and follow the instructions to avail the coupon for endless shrimp

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  8. ChubZee says:

    OMG….I ate 60 + shrimp on Saturday. Of course thats about all I ate. No fries..just a little bit of salad n two cheesy biscuits. I love the new Sweet and Spicy !!! I’m ready to go again !!! LOL What is the most shrimp you’ve ever at Red Lobsters Shrimp Fest ???

  9. jackson says:

    @Chubzee I ate 50+ last week… One of my friend made a record eating 100 LOL… We had a small bet as who will eat the most no of shrimp :) Enjoy while it lasts :)

  10. Amber says:

    I went 2 weeks ago & ate 101 Shrimp & my friend did 115… we have plans to return & be our records

  11. jackson says:

    @Amber WOW… Keep us posted about the record :) If you want I can even share this information on our site to honor the person :)

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  14. Chubzee says:

    @ Jackson LOL Somtimes I think my eyes are bigger than my stomach…hehehehheheeh . I wonder when they will have Endless Shrimp in 2012???

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  17. Barbara Jennings says:

    I went to Red Lobster,I have never been there ,for the endless shrimp, and they try to fill you up on every thing else so you want eat the shrimp, then you have to wait to get a drink.lol

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