How to get Red Lobster Coupons on Special Occasions ?

Red Lobster restaurant is one of the restaurants that hold its loyal customers in high esteem. They wish you a “Happy Birthday” by sending coupons. Birthday coupons allow you to save more money than normal coupons. In this article you will know how to receive a birthday coupon from Red Lobster. Also you would have observed that, Red Lobster releases coupons mainly during special occasions like CrabFest, Endless Shrimp, Lobsterfest, Festival of Shrimp and so on. Here, you will also know when to look for such coupons.

To receive coupons on your birthday, sign up for the Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club seven days before your birthday. Then, right on your birthday, you will get a free starter or soup from Red Lobster.Here are the other special festivals at Red Lobster Restaurant that you should look for, in order to get coupons.

Lobster Fest

Lobster Fest is the time when you get Lobster meals for just $19.
Lobster Fest Date:-Look for Lobster Fest in the month of February.
Lobster Fest Specials:-
Lobster, Shrimp and Parmesan Scampi: A garlic-rosemary-grilled Maine lobster tail and skewer of jumbo shrimp, with Parmesan shrimp in a garlic butter sauce. They are served with crispy Parmesan red potatoes and fresh broccoli.
Lobster Lover’s Dream: A succulent rock lobster tail and sweet split Maine lobster tail, roasted and served with shrimp, lobster and langostino linguini Alfredo.
Wood-Grilled Sirloin Surf and Turf: A succulent rock lobster tail and a peppercorn-rubbed center-cut sirloin, served with crispy Parmesan red potatoes and fresh broccoli.
Rock Lobster, Crab and Shrimp: A roasted rock lobster tail, steamed snow crab legs and savory garlic shrimp scampi.

Endless Shrimp

Endless Shrimp is the time when you get endless choices of shrimp delicacies at just $15.99. In places like Time Square and at Hawaii Red Lobster restaurant, it is $19.
Endless Shrimp Date:-The fest starts in September and goes on till the mid of November.
Endless Shrimp Specials:-
Savory- Baked Parmesan Shrimp
Succulent- Garlic Shrimp Scampi
Creamy- Shrimp Linguini Alfredo
Grilled- Garlic-Grilled Shrimp
Crunchy- Hand-Breaded Shrimp

Red Lobster Crabfest

During Crabfest you get all dinner items below $20. You can get all types of dished made out of crab at a very nominal price during this time.
Crab Fest Dates:-Crabfest starts during mid-July and runs till end-August.
Crab Fest Specials:-
Crab Lover’s Trio:Shrimp stuffed with crab and seafood in a lobster butter sauce. You can also find ½ pound each of steamed king and snow crab legs. It costs 25.99.
Snow Crab and Shrimp:This contains 1 full pound of steamed snow crab legs paired with garlic shrimp scampi that you choose or hand-breaded shrimp. It costs 21.50.
Garlic Crab-and-Shrimp Pasta:This features sweet crabmeat, tender shrimp and fresh tomatoes topped with garlic Parmesan cream sauce on a bed of linguini. It costs 18.50.

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  1. Sonic Care Rebate says:

    Dear Jackson,
    Thanks you for your post, I have a date prepared tonight at red lobster with this spectacular lady i achieved at the library. We vibe and connected very well on our first discussion. Now she will not seem to be like a materialistic lady. So do you presume utilising a coupon would be a really good idea. I have one particular that states get two meals for the selling price of a particular. I will need to use the coupon simply because it expires quickly, and i figured i may well not get to use it in time.

    How would be wise to i use the coupon upon we finish ingesting. Must i just hand it to the waiter beneath my debit card. Or may want to i just hand it to the waiter in basic sight, or should certainly i just hand it to the waiter even though she is in the back. I want all to go efficiently with this lady, she is in reality distinctive.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Van Kerckhove Freddy says:

    I live in Europe and come over to the us once or twice a year. This year it will be from april the 16th to June the 4 th. The coupons you send me I usualy can’t use . May be you can send me a special

  3. jackson says:

    @Van We will try.. Please let us know when you are in USA.

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